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Maui and His Magic Hook

he Hawaiian islands and culture are unique in a way that is like no other. One may have heard of many different versions of legends and mythical stories of the demigod Maui and his many adventures on how he attains and conquers great feats with his magical hook made from the heavens.

The Story of Haleakala

The journey to visit the top of this majestic mountain and dormant volcano named Haleakala is arguably one of if not the number one main attraction on Maui. There are many ways to experience this extraordinary endeavor such as going up with a bike tour and pedaling back down, up before dawn for the sunrise experience, at your leisure in time for the sunset, camping or staying overnight in the crater at a cabin, horseback riding across the volcanic floor or travel up at night to see the outstandingly clear view of the stars.

What’s In Your Hiking Pack?

Every time I leave the pavement, I take along my trusty hiking pack – even if I have no intention of hiking. Doing this has become a habit rather than a conscious decision.

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