Maui Has Unique Weather

The outdoors is an amazing place and the weather elements make for a variety of adventure opportunities. With the 24 micro climates spread across the chain of islands, it is nearly impossible to be disappointed with the weather. If you’re seeking to be in the warm sun with nice lapping waves, or in the chilly breeze and mountain rains, Hawai’i has you covered. It might take a small drive to get to your desired climate, but what a beautiful drive it is. Get out there and enjoy your day!

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Explore the Rich Life of Hawai'i

The wealth of the Hawaiian life doesn’t reside in the contours of the resort grounds, in fact, there are many properties that don’t even feature the natural, indigenous species of the real Hawaii. It’s OK that you didn’t know, to be honest, many people don’t. Go on a tour with native Hawaiians and find out just what else you’ve been missing about this blessed place.