People of all different ages and abilities can kayak, and a tour while on Maui is a great way to prove it! On a kayak tour you will be guided and introduced to various types of aquatic life by a certified naturalist and get to experience a closer look at the beautiful reefs the island nourishes. The tour will provide the kayak, snorkel gear, and sometimes free pickup/dropoff depending on how far away you are staying. If you are visiting during whale season you are in for a treat with the opportunity for whale sightings. If you can, jump in and submerge yourself underwater to hear them sing, too!

Group Tour vs Private – You can choose to book with either a group tour or a private tour. Tours typically last only a few hours and are most enjoyable in the very early morning during optimum conditions. Group tours are a great deal of fun with a variety of people to interact with and would be perfect for the solo traveler or small friendly group. They are a good way to learn more about Hawaii’s oceans and animal life and ideal for someone who is looking to become more comfortable in the ocean. Your experienced guide will make you feel at ease, teach you proper paddling technique and take you to the best spots for exploring. Each guide has an abundance of knowledge about the island and they are there to answer any questions you may have. An advantage of a group tour is that with the additional people you get the opportunity to learn more from different perspectives, as they might ask about things you hadn’t considered.

Private kayak tours, however, are by far the best and more enriching experience for kayaking Maui. With a private tour you can enjoy all the perks of a group tour but have a more customized and relaxed experience. Group tours have to base their schedule and itinerary on everyone’s needs, so time can and destinations will be more limited. Also, if an individual is having trouble or struggling it can hold back the entire group and diminish your kayak experience. With a private tour, you can decide where and what you would most like to see, and your guide will suggest options. You aren’t limited by the rest of the group’s needs and won’t be worried with keeping to anyone else’s timetable. You can still take advantage of your guide’s insight and knowledge (something you miss if you rent independently) while having a more personal interaction with Maui’s ocean wonders.

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