Our Mission

Bring nature to the people that seek it. Love each other. Be wise!
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WE ARE NOT JUST AN ACTIVITY COMPANY! We are an experience developer. 

Aloha Outdoors is committed to being an enlightening source for all that seek the outdoors as a gateway to spiritual balance. We provide a service of connecting good customers to good products that have been individually tested by our team to adhere to our company mindset.

It is our sincere belief that people are desiring a deeper connection to the wonders and infinite possibilities of nature. We will utilize the many worldly realms of communication to propogate our passions and reconnect people to the pro-found beauty that surrounds us all, not by just photo or story, but by truly making a lasting memory within their heart to find the higher power that we call God (in hawaiian: Akua).

Our logo is a blending of our beliefs in a symbol; The blue Aloha represents true love in the spiritual sense while the green Outdoors acknowledges our physical nature and connection to the wonders of our blessed earth. The connection of the two, by an infinite link, describes our desire to mold both soul and body to the responsibility of maintaining both.

Genesis 1:26-Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

We are a faith-based organization that employs the moral tenets of “be Pono” and “live Aloha” in all we do.  Be Pono: Founded on the shared beliefs of both the Hawaiian culture and Christian values, “be pono” represents the the embodiment of doing the right thing, even if it’s not popular. The golden rule!

Live Aloha: Aloha is not just a salutation, it is an expression of togetherness. It is a representation of the phrase “I am with you”. A Hawaiian protocol that translates to “You and I Sharing Our Breath”. Togetherness is community, and community is strength.

We love our Hawaiian roots and praise the salvation of our freedom from death. We believe that healing comes not from the medicines of man, but from engaging the wonders of God (“Akua” in Hawaiian) in the nature around us, learning to appreciate the vast unknown and finding a deeper value in our struggles and successes.

As an Limited Liability Company of Hawai’i, we adhere to the laws of Hawai’i and maintain a deep passion to serve the community and its visiting population. We also use the verses of the Bible as a guiding source of our mission.


Company History

The Aloha Outdoors project started in 2012, mainly as a social media sounding board that focused primarily on epic photography and social change through community organization. Officially registered with the Hawai’i state Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs in October 2015, we have taken a steadfast approach to establishing the foundation for our future goals.

In the beginning, revenue was solely supplied from a fleet of leased Volkswagen Westfalia campervans that were rented to visitors looking to explore campsites throughout the island. Although this was a great experience for the company and a wonderful opportunity to explore the needs of our guests, it was later determined that the Westy campers did not meet our customer’s desires. In 2017, we terminated the direct rental program of the Westfalias and brought on a fleet of late model camping vehicles. These vehicles have proven to be more enjoyable for the adventuring tourist. This also drastically reduced our costs and gave us more flexibility to expand our mission.

Aloha Outdoors 2017

Now offers many educational and benefical products & services.

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