Our Mission

Solving spiritual problems with natural solutions through Hawaiian cultural programs and social activities.
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We are a faith-based organization that employs the moral tenets of “be Pono” and “live Aloha.” Although our diverse team consists of many nationalities that come from various cultural backgrounds, we choose to only represent our respect and connection with Hawai’i.

As an Limited Liability Company of Hawai’i, we adhere to the laws of Hawai’i and maintain a deep passion to serve the community and its visiting population.

Aloha Outdoors is primarily a marketing company that offers unique opportunities for outdoor engagement for locals and visitors. Our main goal is to provide a service to everyone that encourages enjoyment in the outdoors and inspires them to share more memories with the natural environment.

It is our sincere belief that people are desiring a deeper connection to the wonders and infinite possibilities of nature. We believe the intense social media and augmented realities that technologies have created, along with the added benefit of extreme convenience, will eventually wane in appeal and leave a void of understanding to the natural world. We are positioning ourselves to be a leading ambassador to those natural realms here in Hawai’i.

Company History

The Aloha Outdoors project started in 2012, mainly as a social media sounding board that focused primarily on epic photography and social change through community organization. Officially registered with the Hawai’i state Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs in October 2015, we have taken a steadfast approach to establishing the foundation for our future goals.

In the beginning, revenue was solely supplied from a fleet of leased Volkswagen Westfalia campervans that were rented to visitors looking to explore campsites throughout the island. Although this was a great experience for the company and a wonderful opportunity to explore the needs of our guests, it was later determined that the Westy campers did not meet our customer’s desires. In 2017, we terminated the direct rental program of the Westfalias and brought on a fleet of late model camping vehicles. These vehicles have proven to be more enjoyable for the adventuring tourist. This also drastically reduced our costs and gave us more flexibility to expand our mission.

Aloha Outdoors 2017

Now offers many educational and benefical products & services.