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Perhaps no place on Maui is more sought after than the island’s Haleakalā (House of the Sun) volcano. The Hawaiian mo’olelo (legend) tells the tale of how this majestic mountain became the place for the most stunning sunrises. Legend has it the Hawaiian demi-god Maui sought out to capture the sun one day in hopes of helping his mother with the drying of her kapa (cloths). Maui’s mother, Hina, noticed her cloths weren’t drying because the sun moved too quickly across the sky. Inspired to help his mother, Maui then climbed the summit of Haleakalā where he found the sun asleep. When the sun awoke and made its way across the sky, Maui lassoed it and refused to let go until the sun agreed to move slower across the sky. And that is how Haleakalā came to be the House of the Sun. 

Challenge yourself with this guided bicycle tour.

The mountain’s reputation of being the go-to place to watch a sunrise remains, but now you can follow that with a thrilling bike ride down to the ocean! If you’re feeling as mischievous as Maui after your sunrise, sign up for a bike tour and brace yourself for the ride of your life!

Aloha Outdoors offers daily volcano bicycle tours descending East Maui’s 10,023-foot Mount Haleakalā from summit to sea. Cruising solo on the crater’s rim, we provide a full-service experience that includes professional tour guides, round-trip transportation from your hotel or condo, hot and cold beverages and muffins at “base camp.” We also cover park entrance fees, bikes and gear (DOT approved helmets, gloves, wind-stopper fleece, Gortex™ rain suits), and safety instructions. Practically the entire 38-mile/10,000-foot paved route is effortless downhill coasting.

Is It for Me?

If you’re over the age of 12, in reasonable condition, and feel comfortable on a bike—then yes! All types of people attend and enjoy our exhilarating downhill adventure. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with majestic Haleakalā in ways that just cannot be experienced from the confines of a car. Our fun and safety-minded tour guides will ensure your enjoyment no matter what your performance level.