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What better way to experience the natural beauty of Maui than by foot? From the historic ‘Iao Valley State Monument Park to the well-known Bamboo Forest, you won’t have to go far to take in Maui’s wildnerness. Whether you choose to explore the world’s largest dormant volcano or dive into the 7 Sacred Pools (Pools of Ohe’o) along the Pipiwai Trail, there are some adventures you can’t get to any other way than by hiking.

Hiking is one of the most sensible ways to explore Maui. While the views from a helicopter are breathtaking, there’s also so much to see and do on the ground that you won’t want to miss.

Here are a few of our hiking suggestions:

  • 7 Sacred Pools (Pools of Ohe’o) along the Pipiwai Trail
  • ‘Iao Needle
  • Waihe’e Ridge Trail
  • King’s Highway
  • Halemaumau Trail
  • Lahaina Pali West
  • Haleakalā


History tip:

Did you know that Hawaiian chief Pi‘ilani became the first ruler to unify Maui’s moku (districts) through the construction of a 138-mile footpath known today as the King's Trail?

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