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Traverse the edge of a scenic valley to the coastline
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Hawai’i’s paniolo (cowboy) lifestyle started long ago with the introduction of cattle, sheep, and eventually horses as a gift to King Kamehameha. Unfamiliar with these animals, King Kamehameha later invited Spanish vaqueros from Mexico to the islands to train horses and to teach Hawaiians about their lifestyle. As a result, these cowboys ended up working on Hawai’i’s first ranches, and with them came their culture, including dress, music, food and traditions. They shared their way of life with the islanders, and today the paniolo ways still thrive in parts of the Valley Isle. Horseback riding is a fun and relaxing way to experience Maui and learn about what it means to be a cowboy from real paniolos. Enjoy trotting on the beach or along a hillside during your next adventure on Maui.


Here’s what to expect during your next horseback riding experience:

  • Enjoy a horseback and helicopter combination tour
  • Private riding lessons
  • Coast and mountain tours
  • Ride past waterfalls
  • BBQ lunch included
  • Group lessons