Traditional Lu'au

No trip to Hawai'i is complete without the experience of a lu'au
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Originally known as “‘aha ‘aina,” these large group celebrations have a long history in Hawai’i. Today, visitors can get a taste of Hawaiian cuisine and culture through a variety of lu’au parties on the islands.

When it comes to food, nothing compares to a lu’au. The word actually comes from a dish most often served at these events. The lu’au recipe typically consists of mixing coconut milk, taro leaves, and meat or fish together that’s then steamed or baked. The end result is ‘ono (delicious)!

Also on the menu is, fish, different types of meat, poi, and roasted pulled pork from the imu, a pit in the earth where whole pigs are cooked.

Following dinner is a mixture of storytelling and dance by professional Polynesian dancers. What a way to wrap up the night! 

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What to expect during a lu’au: 

  • Entertainment (live dancing hula, fire spinning, drumming, storytelling and more)
  • Hula lessons
  • Drinks and traditional Hawaiian cuisine
  • Private event options
  • Ocean-front views

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