Mahalo for being a part of our team. Just follow these simple steps to start uploading your photography, products and artwork.

Step 1. Register
Create a new user name by clicking the button below.

Step 2. Log in.
Once registered, you will receive an email with log in instructions.

Step 3. Navigate to the Sell Media plugin
In the dashboard click + new and then “Sell Media” tab to add photos. Or on the side bar look for the Sell Media tab.


  1. Name your files yourusername_title.jpg
    Files without this naming structure will not be approved.
  2. Also it is not necessary to upload your image twice. IE do not upload it as the feature image and as a sell media image. Only upload it in the sell media area.
  3. Files must be under 8mg.

Step 4. Upload your photography
You’ll need to scroll down a bit to upload your media file. Click through all the tabs to fill out the information for each image.
Then click submit for approval. Your may also email to notify them of your submission.

The standard commission rate is 50 percent. Any sales will be tallied and paid via paypal monthly. If your paypal email is something other than the email you registered with email


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